IR Honors Program

The International Relations Honors Program is an elite, two-semester intensive research project completed under the guidance of a faculty advisor. Similar to a “mini-Master’s thesis,” Honors Program students use their year of research to write a research or policy paper and then defend their thesis before a panel of three Pardee School professors at the end of the research year. Participating students not only present written research in a significant literature review, but also engage in co-curricular activities abroad to reinforce their project.

Students who participate in the program have the opportunity to create a significant piece of academic writing for publication, employment purposes, or post baccalaureate applications. Students in the program earn credit for two upper-level IR courses in their chosen tracks, develop close relationships with advising faculty, and special recognition during commencement. Students who successfully pass their honors defense also graduate with Honors from the Pardee School, which is the highest level of academic achievement for undergraduates awarded by the Pardee School of Global Studies.

Honors Project Application