Frequently Asked Questions

About Advising

Your professional academic advisors are located on the first floor of 156 Bay State road. They are there to help you pick your classes each semester during pre-registration and to help you understand your major, minor, and general education requirements in the Division of International Studies and Division of Regional Studies programs. Academic advisors will answer any questions you have regarding AP/IB/transfer credits, studying abroad, the Honors Program, double-majoring and minoring, and much more. They are also there as a resource if you ever have questions or concerns about your classes or degree program.

Faculty mentors are there to advise students on their future professionals and academics. Faculty mentors are selected by the student or advisor in the first year of study, and students meet with their faculty mentor at least one time per semester until they graduate. They will provide career counseling, recommendations for classes or study abroad options, opportunities for undergraduate research, and share their experiences as professionals with decades of experience in a student’s chosen fields of study.

The Pardee School students are split alphabetically between two academic advisors. Students whose last names begin with A-L meet with Allison Patenaude, and students whose last names begin with M-Z will meet with Vicky Kelberer. Students in the Asian Studies and Latin American Studies majors meet with Allison Patenaude, and students in the European Studies and Middle East & North African Studies majors meet with Vicky Kelberer.

For the purpose of consistency we ask that you always meet with the same academic advisor.

Pardee School academic advisors reserve their appointment times on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for current Pardee School majors only. Non-majors and minors with questions about Pardee School programs are welcome to attend advising walk-in hours every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm.

To make an appointment, please call the Pardee School Undergraduate Office at 617-353-6342. Alternately, Pardee School students are welcome to come in during our walk-in hours every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 to 4:30 pm.

About Forms

Declaration of major forms can be found online at or at the Undergraduate Records office located at 100 Bay State Road, 4th Floor. Submitting this form allows you to declare both your major and tracks. Once declared, please make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor to let them know of any changes.

Your academic advisor in the Pardee School signs your study abroad approval form. You must meet with your advisor to discuss the study abroad program you are considering before an approval can be granted. Faculty mentors do not sign these forms.

To have credit transferred to the Pardee School, you need to fill out a transfer equivalency form. You can find transfer forms online at or at the CAS Records Office located at 100 Bay State Road, 4th Floor. Attach the full class syllabus to the form and submit it at the Pardee School Undergraduate Office located at 156 Bay State Road. Your academic advisor will forward the form and syllabus to the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the appropriate Regional Studies program director for approval.

When you receive an email announcing the start of the “Pre-Registration Period” while you are abroad, review the attached schedule of classes then email your academic advisor with the courses you are currently enrolled in while studying abroad as well as a tentative schedule for the upcoming semester. Your advisor will then email you your registration code and any additional comments or reminders. You do not need to fill out a return registration form before leaving for study abroad, but you are encouraged to meet with your advisor prior to departure to discuss your remaining program requirements.

General Questions

We are located on the first floor of 156 Bay State Road, Boston.

Walk-in hours usually take place on Friday at 156 Bay State Rd. You can check the walk-in hours for the week, which will sometimes change, by visiting us on Facebook that week.

In addition to completing your major requirements, you must have earned the University credit/class requirement (128 credits and 32 classes), satisfied either the CAS Core Curriculum or CAS Divisional Studies requisites and completed your program’s specific requirements to graduate.

If you are majoring in two College of Arts and Sciences majors you can double count five classes between the two majors. You can double count two classes between a major and a minor, or between two minors.

You need at least 128 academic credits to graduate from Boston University. PDP credits and ROTC credits do not count as academic credits towards graduation.

Information on the IR Honors Program can be found here.

General information and degree requirements can be found in the undergraduate programs section of this website.