European Studies

Europe is an area of great importance in and to the world through its cultural heritage; its political, economic, military, and religious histories; its literature, music, film, and philosophy; as well as in its recent emergence as a new kind of international form through the European Union.

The European Studies program offers a 10-course major and a six-course minor, both drawing on the resources of the College of Arts & Sciences departments and on Boston University’s Study Abroad programs in England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

BA Coursework

Students are required to take 10 principal, non-language courses (five courses in their track of specialization and focusing on at least two countries; two in each of the other two tracks; plus one interdisciplinary capstone seminar taken during the senior year);  attain sixth-semester proficiency in a European language other than English; and complete a complementary minor (or second major) in a related social science or humanities discipline.

Additionally, students majoring in European Studies are required to specialize in one of three tracks:

  • European Arts and Literature
  • European History, Philosophy, and Religion
  • European Politics and Society

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Minor Coursework

A minor in European Studies comprises six courses: two courses from one of the three tracks, two courses from another track, one course from the remaining track, and an interdisciplinary capstone course.

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