African Studies / African Languages & Literature

The African Studies Center, though the Pardee School of Global Studies, offers degree-enhancing opportunities for  undergraduates as well as graduate students. For undergraduates, there are two possible minors: African Studies and African Languages & Literature. In addition to on-campus African Studies offerings, students can take courses through BU Study Abroad programs in Morocco, Senegal, Zanzibar, Zambia, South Africa and Burkina Faso. Opportunities also exist for students to cross-register in African Studies courses at nearby  colleges and universities, such as Harvard University, MIT, Northeastern University, Brandeis University, Tufts University, and Boston College.

The African Studies Center is a federally funded National Resource Center for African Studies. As such, the center has financial aid available for both undergraduate and graduate students who are studying African languages. This support can be awarded for multiple years and is meant to encourage deeper, more meaningful skills in speaking African languages and appreciating their attendant communities. Students from programs such as public health, education, law, business, and art history have been past recipients of these fellowships.

Minor Coursework

The minor requires the completion of six courses in total. Of the six courses, four are required courses and two are elective courses. Of the four required courses, two courses must be at the 300-level study of an African language; the two other required courses are CAS LD 491 and CAS LD 492 Directed Study in African Languages and Linguistics. If either CAS LD 491 or CAS LD 492 is not offered in a given year, an acceptable alternative may be selected in consultation with the student’s advisor.

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