MA Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad is an exciting way to learn about international affairs. There is nothing quite like being in the country or region that you are studying! The Pardee School offers a range of quality abroad options that provide our MA students opportunities to study and intern in some of the most interesting and important places on the planet. All programs are conducted in English. Unless otherwise noted, programs are open to all Pardee students.

Geneva: Global Governance, Economic Development, & Human Rights

Economic development is typically associated with on-the-ground projects in developing countries. Often overlooked is the governance aspect of development, which is rooted in a complex web of United Nations agencies and conventions as well as multilateral financial and development institutions.

This program examines the development process from a global viewpoint. Students gain knowledge and experience in the role major global institutions and actors play in the development process, strategies they use to influence economic development, and the key challenges they face.

Designed for students with an interest in development, this four-week summer program is focused on global topics such as the right to health, food security, and political and economic freedom. The program draws on the unparalleled resources of Geneva and includes expert guest speakers and visits to international organizations.

Brussels: The EU in the 21st Century

The Brussels Summer Program offers students the opportunity to spend eight weeks living, studying, and interning in the heart of Europe. Students are introduced to the city’s important place in European and world politics through coursework that focuses on the current challenges facing the EU. Field trips to political, governmental, and non-governmental organizations complement the coursework.

Geneva & London: International Conflict Resolution

This two-course summer program introduces students to international conflict resolution in the light of contemporary conflicts and global security concerns.

The first half of the program takes place in Geneva, where students analyze contemporary conflicts and the roles of human rights, religion, foreign intervention, and intercultural communication in conflict resolution. The second half of the program, in London, focuses on case studies in conflict resolution, including Northern Ireland, Cyprus, and the Cod War.

London: Mass Communication

The London Mass Communication Program offers students in the MAIA program with a specialization in International Communication the opportunity to spend a summer studying in London. The program provides a full 16 credits toward the degree, thus replacing one regular semester of coursework.

The first six weeks in London are spent taking two courses: CM 738, Global Marketing Communication, and CM 744, British Media in the Digital Age. During the last seven weeks, students work full-time in their internships (CM 809) and work on an independent research project (CM 909). Both the courses and the internship can be used to fulfill International Communication specialization coursework.

It is recommended that students planning to do the London summer program make certain to complete all of their core and required specialization classes during their first year in the program.

Zambia: Field Practicum in Public Health

Open to students in the MGP program with a specialization in International Public Health Policy, this 5-week (4 credits) program provides a unique opportunity to live in the market town of Choma, the capital of Zambia’s Southern Province. The course (SPH GH 775) is divided into four parts:  classroom and field sessions; lectures and designing the study instruments; data collection in the field; and analysis of the data and presentations to the community and stakeholders.