GDP Study Abroad Options


Global Governance, Economic Development, & Human Rights

Economic development is typically associated with on-the-ground projects in developing countries. Often overlooked is the governance aspect of development, which is rooted in a complex web of United Nations agencies and conventions as well as multilateral financial and development institutions.

This program examines the development process from a global viewpoint. Students gain knowledge and experience in the role major global institutions and actors play in the development process, strategies they use to influence economic development, and the key challenges they face.

Designed for students specializing in international relations or public health, this ten-week summer program combines coursework on global topics such as the right to health, food security, and political and economic freedom with an in-depth internship in an international organization, such as the United Nations or the World Health Organization. The program draws on the unparalleled resources of Geneva and includes expert guest speakers and visits to international organizations.

Students take one 4 credit course, Global Governance, Economic Development and Human Rights and are placed in a 4 credit internship in a global organization. The program confers 8 credits total, equivalent to one half of a regular BU semester.

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Field Practicum in Public Health and Environment

This five-week summer course in Kenya focuses on environmental and community health as it relates to the indigenous Maasai residing at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Maasai community faces many health challenges, including sanitation-related and water-borne diseases, infant and childhood diseases, and HIV/AIDS.

Students in this program work together to implement a research project from soup to nuts, including training in survey techniques, field-based data collection, analysis, report writing, and presentation.

The program is worth 6 BU credits (SPH IH 707). It is run by the School of Public Health (SPH) and is open only to students in SPH or the International Public Health track of the GDP program.

Prerequisites: Students must take both Epidemiology (EP 713) and Biostatistics (BS 704) prior to doing this program.

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