Graduate Program Forms

The following are links to forms for the graduate program. All forms are in PDF format.

Progress Reports

These forms are used to track the progress of students in the various degree programs. Students should follow the links to their respective programs and review these reports prior to all advising appointments. Contact information for the relevant adviser(s) is at the bottom of the forms.

International Affairs (MAIA) IR & Religion (IRRN)
Global Development Policy (GDP) Latin American Studies (LAS)
IR & Environmental Policy (IREP) IR & International Communication (IRIC)
IR & Master of Business Administration (IR/MBA) Full-time / Part-time
IR & Juris Doctor (IRJD) IR Mid-Career (IREL)

Course Approval Forms

Any class deviating from the normal program plan must be approved prior to the student’s enrollment in that course. Students who wish to take a course not listed on the program plan must submit a Petition for Credit, and students who wish to take a Directed Study must submit the Directed Study Approval Form. IREP students seeking to petition a course for a CEES requirement should use the CEES Petition for Credit Form and should obtain the signature of the CEES DGS. In all other cases, course petitions should be handled using the regular Petition for Credit Form. Please note that forms without the required attachments will not be considered. The Petition for Transfer Credits form is used to transfer credits taken at another university toward a student’s BU degree.

Petition for Credit Form Petition for Waiver Form
CEES Petition for Credit Form Petition for Transfer Credits
Directed Study Approval Form

Master’s Paper Forms

The forms below are for the approval of the proposal for and defense of the Master’s papers. Students must submit the forms in accordance with the dates on the department calendar.  Students who need to postpone the Oral Defense must submit a Change of Defense Date form.

Paper Proposal Approval Form Defense Authorization Form
Change of Defense Date Form GRS Diploma Application

Registration Forms

Below are the forms for full- or part- time continuing student status as well as the form to be certified full time for a semester in which a student takes less than 12 credit hours but is working on the MA Paper. Students must meet with the Graduate Programs Administrator in order to register for classes. The part-time continuing student form may be submitted directly to the GRS Records Office (CAS 112); the other two forms should be submitted to the Graduate Programs Administrator.

Full-time Continuing Student Registration Part-time Continuing Student Registration
Full-time Certification Form Link to Barnes & Noble Coursebooks


Link to Transcript Order Information Link to GRS Forms Page

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these files. Click on the image below to download the program.

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