Graduate Programs

The Pardee School offers six MA programs with eight functional specializations, two dual-degree programs, one regional degree and two graduate certificates.


Our approach breaks down disciplinary boundaries—Pardee students study a broad-based curriculum that enables them to build a holistic understanding of global affairs. Our distinguished faculty includes accomplished scholars and skilled practitioners drawn from the worlds of diplomacy, intelligence, economic development, environmental sustainability, and military affairs.

The Pardee School at Boston University is an affiliate member of the Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA), the premier association for graduate programs in International Relations.

Master of Arts

The two-year MAIA program prepares students for a wide variety of careers in the international relations field, including work for national governments and a broad range of IGOs and NGOs.

Rigorous core classes train students in the fundamentals of international relations scholarship, quantitative research methods, the workings of the global economy, and the practice of diplomacy and negotiation. Specializations and electives enable students to gain in-depth understanding of the issues most important to them.

MAIA specializations include:

The 1.5 year MGP program is perfect for students interested in the various facets of global policy as well as in-depth training in a chosen functional policy specialization.

Rigorous core classes train students in quantitative analysis for global affairs, economics for global policy, negotiation and diplomacy, and global policy analysis. Students learn the environmental, developmental and public health aspects of global policy, with specializations offering focused knowledge.

MGP specializations include:

An accelerated one-year program, the MAIR caters to both civilian professionals and military officers looking to advance their international affairs careers.

The program gives IR professionals the versatility to design an interdisciplinary program suited to their needs and interests, with practical and theoretical training from top faculty

The one-year LAS MA presents students with a holistic approach to understanding the complexities of Latin America through an interdisciplinary course of study. This degree prepares students for careers working on Latin American issues in a variety of contexts, including the private sector, NGOs, government, and education.

The Bachelor of Arts in International Relations/Master of Arts in International Affairs (BA/MAIA) is a rigorous five-year program designed to ensure that students develop both broad and deep knowledge of the interdisciplinary field of international relations while acquiring a rich and varied research experience. The BA/MAIA supports the academic and career goals of undergraduate students by allowing them to graduate with a rigorous professional MA in International Affairs, with only one additional year of course work.

The 3.5 year IRJD program allows law school students to add international relations expertise to their core JD competency.

Students complete the standard JD curriculum plus a set of courses in international law through BU’s School of Law, along with regional or thematic expertise gained through coursework in the Pardee School. The program is designed for students planning careers in national governments, international agencies, international negotiation, and human rights organizations.

The 2.5 year dual IR/MBA program gives students the skills and competencies to compete in a rapidly evolving international marketplace.

Students learn all the essential skills of business management at the Questrom School of Business, along with international politics, economics, and security studies at the Pardee School. The program is perfect for students seeking careers in administrative management (corporate or non-profit), consulting, or international banking.


Egypt, Ghana, Congo, Namibia – dive in and explore Africa, a continent rich in diversity, opportunity, and challenges. The African Studies certificate program is ideal for students seeking specialized knowledge of Africa to complement their training in another field.

China, India, Japan, Malaysia – dive in and explore the vast realm of Asia, a region full of ancient cultures and modern dynamism, and home to over half of humanity. The Asian Studies certificate program is ideal for students seeking specialized knowledge of Asia to complement their training in another field.