Renata Keller

Picture of Renata KellerRenata Keller
152 Bay State Road
Room 337
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
(617) 353-8913
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Assistant Professor of International Relations (BA, Arizona State University; MA, PhD, University of Texas)

Specialization: Latin American History; Inter-American Relations; Mexican Domestic and International Politics; U.S. Relations with Latin America.

Renata Keller’s research and teaching interests focus on Latin American history, particularly the connections between foreign and domestic politics, the dynamics of the Cold War, and U.S. relations with Latin America. She has special expertise in Mexican, Cuban, Chilean, and Argentine history.

Keller’s dissertation and current book project analyze Mexico’s relations with Cuba and the United States in the decade after the Cuban Revolution. She has held grants and fellowships from the Social Science Research Council, Mellon Foundation, and Fulbright Foundation. She has presented her work at regional, national, and international conferences, as well as in edited volumes and articles, including an article in the Latin American Research Review.

Professor Keller teaches the following courses:

Introduction to Latin American Politics and International Relations (IR/PO 367)

The Cold War in Latin America (IR 524)

U.S.-Latin American Relations (IR 568/PO 565)