Pardee School Courses

The Pardee School of Global Studies offers a diverse array of courses covering a wide variety of topics in both the Division of International Studies and the Division of Regional Studies.

The Division of International Studies offers more than 50 courses every semester under the course heading “CAS IR.” Undergraduate students may take classes from the 200-500 level, and graduates may take classes from the 500-700 level. For current course descriptions and syllabi, please see the links below.

200 to 400 Level Courses 500 Dual Level Courses 600+ Level Courses

The Division of Regional Studies course offerings are accepted towards all of Pardee School’s undergraduate major, minors, and graduate programs, and are offered by various BU departments and schools across campus. For more information on courses, please see the links below.

African Studies Asian Studies European Studies
Muslim Studies Latin American Studies Middle East & North Africa Studies

The course listings on this website and those found on the links above include existing courses offered by the university. Note that not all of these classes are  taught each semester. For specific classes in any given semester,  please click here. You will need to select the semester (from a pull-down menu), the college (also a pull-down menu), and the department. IR courses numbered 100 through 500 are listed under the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS); 700 level courses are listed under the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GRS).

Graduate Courses

The Pardee School offers graduate level courses on a wide range of subjects, with particular strengths in security studies and regional studies. Dual level courses (numbered in the 500′s) are open both to graduate students and to upper-class International Relations major undergraduates. 700 level specialty courses are open to graduate students only.