PGC Hosts Holiday Celebration for Graduate Students


The Pardee Graduate Council (PGC), the official graduate student organization of the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, hosted a holiday part for graduate students at 121 Bay State Road on December 9, 2016. 

PGC leadership welcomed the graduate students to their annual end-of-the-year holiday gathering before enjoying refreshments and participating in a gift swap.

The holiday party is the latest event this year in which the Pardee School graduate student community has gathered outside of the academic setting to socialize and build a graduate class identity. The PGC also hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for graduate studentsan election night viewing partywere welcomed back to campus in the fall with a barbecue, and first-year MA students attended a September retreat aimed at fostering the Pardee School graduate student community.

The Pardee Graduate Council organizes a variety of activities to enrich students’ lives, including dinners with faculty members and social events. Each year during the Spring Semester, the Pardee Graduate Council organizes a graduate student conference, centered around a theme chosen by the students.  The conference draws graduate students from the many colleges and universities throughout the Boston area and beyond. Find out more about the Pardee Graduate Council here.