Pardee School Hosts ADB Board Meeting Simulation

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The Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University hosted a master class in economic diplomacy on December 9, 2016 which offered a select group of students the opportunity to participate in an Asian Development Bank (ADB) board meeting simulation.

The simulated board meeting focused on a loan package for a hydropower project in Lao People’s Democratic Republic.

The class was convened by Cinnamon Dornsife, former Ambassador to the Asian Development for the United States, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies professor, and member of the Global Policy Advisory Board of the Pardee School’s Global Economic Governance Initiative. Dornsife played the role of the ABD President during the simulation.

Amb. Dornsife teamed with Rogerio Studart, Pardee School Visiting Professor and former Ambassador to the Inter-American Development Bank and the World Bank for Brazil for the simulation.

GEGI Co-Director and Pardee School Assistant Professor of International Relations Cornel Ban, GEGI Assistant Director William Kring, GEGI Research Fellow Rebecca Ray, Lisa Coburn formerly of the United States Treasury and GEGI Research Fellow Junda Jin also participated in the board meeting simulation.

Pardee School students who participated in the master class included Xiaoxuan Zhi (Pardee IRIC), Samantha Robertson (Pardee GDP), Eric Bindler (Pardee GDP), Jannate Sebbah Temsamani (Pardee GDP), Shanuki Tillekeratne (Pardee), Saliha Agha (Pardee GDP) and Francis Mafike Salome (Pardee GDP).

Each student prepared a position paper written from the perspective of an Asian Development Bank Board constituency, assigned in advance of the simulation in consultation with Pardee School Professor of Global Development Policy Kevin Gallagher. Each paper outlined the respective student’s position on the ADB loan package.

After Amb. Dornsife introduced the loan, participants playing the role of an ADB Board Member made statements summarizing the views of the constituencies and voted to support, abstain or oppose the loan package.

The master class concluded with a debriefing session on the board meeting simulation and question and answer session and assessment of the learning process.