Menchik on UofL Radio on Tolerance in Indonesia

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Jeremy Menchik, Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Fredrick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, gave a recent interview about his research on religious tolerance in Indonesia.

Menchik was interviewed for an April 28, 2016 segment on the University of Louisville Radio on his new book, Islam and Democracy in Indonesia: Tolerance Without Liberalism.

You can listen to the entire interview below:

In the book, Menchik examines how Indonesia’s Islamic organizations envision the accommodation of religious difference in the country. While Indonesia’s Islamic organizations sustain the country’s thriving civil society, democracy, and reputation for tolerance amid diversity, scholars poorly understand how these organizations envision the accommodation of religious difference. Menchik examines what tolerance means to the world’s largest Islamic organizations and what the implications of democracy are in Indonesia and the broader Muslim world. 

Jeremy Menchik’s research interests include comparative politics, religion and politics, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. His research has received the Mildred Potter Hovland Journal Article Prize, the Best Qualitative or Multi-Method Submission to the American Political Science Review, the Graduate Student Paper Award from the Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee of the Association of Asian Studies, and his dissertation was given Honorable Mention for the Aaron Wildavsky Award. At Boston University he is a member of the graduate faculty of political science and coordinates the MA program in IR and Religion.

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