BU Deputy Chief Talks to Pardee Students About Aviation Security

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Scott Pare, the Deputy Chief of the Boston University Police Department, met with 23 students taking the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies “Intelligence and Homeland Security” IR 516 graduate course on April 26, 2016.

Deputy Chief Pare, a retired major in the Massachusetts State Police (MSP), talked about his experiences as the Director of Aviation Security at Logan Airport and the commander of Troop F of the Massachusetts State Police, which is the MSP unit responsible for the airport.

Taking over his duties in the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Pare advocated for and instituted many improvements to security practices.  To ensure better coordination and prioritization, he attended daily security meetings at Logan which included federal, state and local law enforcement; representatives from every airline at the airport; and Massachusetts Port Authority officers.  He explained that various operational, bureaucratic and logistical matters were thoroughly discussed as well as any issues that occurred during the previous day.

“A balance has to be drawn between security and operations.” Pare explained, “Two of the 9/11 planes departed from Logan and I was determined to prevent that from happening again.”

Among his duties, Pare had oversight and direction of a specially trained and equipped anti-terrorism unit, explosives detection canine teams, explosives ordnance handling teams, a maritime unit to patrol the water approaches to Logan and a credentialing unit which issued 13,886 badges for access control to areas of the airport for employees and other personnel. He oversaw improvements to perimeter security and the inauguration of a background check system for taxi drivers and others who accessed Logan.

Professor John D. Woodward, Jr., a retired CIA officer who teaches the course, said “Deputy Chief Pare explained all the difficult challenges involved in leading a high profile homeland security effort.  As the Aviation Security Director, he had to make many tough decisions to ensure public safety.  We are fortunate to have a professional with his experience and expertise at BU.”

Kelsey Newell (Pardee ’17) said Pare provided insight into the extensive security measures instituted at airports following Spetember 11, 2001.

“I fly all the time but I never realized how many changes airports instituted post-9/11, and Major Pare played a huge role in that at Logan Airport,” Newell said. “His experience and his practical knowledge on the new programs, units, and extensive training that go into Aviation Security beyond the basic TSA interactions we all know and love was incredibly interesting.”

Christopher Stille, a first year graduate student (MAIA Security Studies, MENA), added that Pare provided perspective on what goes into keeping the public safe during large public events.

“Deputy Chief Pare’s presentation really provided a lot of insight into everything that goes into keeping busy locations, like Logan Airport and BU’s commencement ceremonies, safe,” Stille said. “It was fascinating to hear about the large number of factors that have to be born in mind in terms of possible threats, as well as the comprehensive options for mitigating them. For those of us who are concerned with safeguarding the nation professionally, I think that his presentation imparted invaluable lessons regarding how to craft effective, yet palatable anti-terrorism policies.”