Student Spotlight: Cynthia Hass and the Hustle


It’s a long way from threading eyebrows to interning at the State Department. But it’s not the longest journey undertaken by Cynthia Hass, a member of the Pardee School class of 2015.

Hass was recorded by BU Today as part of their “Points of Departure” series, which focuses on students with extraordinary stories as they head toward their graduation. And Hass’ story is certainly that.

“I grew up in a neighborhood with a lot of gang violence, teen pregnancy,” said Hass in the video. “Knowing how hard I had to work just to get here, when I arrived I said, ‘I have to hustle as hard as I can.’ I waited tables, threaded eyebrows.”

In addition to her video, Hass was profiled by BU Today author Alan Wong. From the text of the article:

By sophomore year, the international relations major decided she wanted to spend more time working on behalf of human rights organizations. She began to pursue her passion advocating for issues like education for young girls, gun violence, and race. She worked as an intern at the US Department of State, as a youth innovation advisor for Dell, and as COO of Gimme Mo’ Productions, created by actress and philanthropist Monique Coleman. Hass has also traveled widely as a speaker at events promoting social engagement.

You can read the entire article here.

“I’m so excited to see what life has for me,” Hass said. “It’s been such a dream to be here.”