Schmidt Wins BJPIR’s Best Paper Award

April 8, 2015


Vivien Schmidt, Professor of International Relations and Political Science at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, was awarded the BJPIR Journal Prize for best paper published in BJPIR (the British Journal of Politics and International Relations).

“I’m delighted that my article received the best article award of the BJPIR,” said Schmidt in an interview. “I was told that the decision rests not only on the quality of the article but also in part on how much interest it generated among readers. It’s very nice to know that the  piece is not only appreciated by the editorial board but also by the journal’s readers.”

Prof. Adil Najam, Dean of the Pardee School, said that “Vivien Schmidt is not just an incredibly productive scholar, but also a most influential voice in policy circles. Her work exemplifies exactly what we are trying to build at the Pardee School of Global Studies – the bringing together of rigorous research and real relevance to policy.” He added that, “this prestigious award is yet one more sterling achievement by Prof. Schmidt who, earlier this year, was co-awarded a Horizon 2020 grant.”

Schmidt received the award for her 2014 research paper, “Speaking to the Markets or to the People? A Discursive Institutionalist Analysis of the EU’s Sovereign Debt Crisis,” which was published in Volume 16, Issue 1.

From the abstract of the article:

The EU’s sovereign debt crisis is not just economic; it is also political, resulting from the failure of EU leaders to offer solutions that calm the markets and convince the people. These failures stem from problems with EU leaders’ ideas about how to solve the crisis as well as their communication about them. That communication encompasses not just EU leaders talking to one another in negotiations of crisis solutions but also speaking to ‘the markets’ and to ‘the people’ about those solutions, all of which may interact in perverse ways.”

You can read the entire article here.

The prize was announced at the Political Studies Association Annual International Conference, at the conference dinner on the evening of March 31 in Sheffield, United Kingdom.

Prof. Schmidt is Jean Monnet Professor of European Integration, Professor of International Relations and Political Science at Boston University, and Director of BU’s Center for the Study of Europe, an affiliated center of the Pardee School. Learn more about her here. 

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