LASP Plans Trip to a New Cuba


For the first time, The Pardee School of Global Studies‘ affiliated Latin American Studies Program will offer their ‘alternative spring break’ in a Cuba engaging in diplomatic relations with the U. S.

A group of 13 students will participate in the program, March 8-14.  Along with them will go faculty members John Thornton (History, LASP, African American Studies), Linda Heywood, and Ana Maria Reyes, along with Amanda Thornton, M.D., an Infectious Disease Fellow at the Boston Medical Center.

“This is a great achievement on the part of LASP faculty, who have been working on this initiative for awhile,” said James Iffland, director of the Latin American Studies Program.  “My only fear is that unless we have a dramatic change of weather here in Boston, some of the participants may end up defecting!”

On Dec. 17, president Obama announced initiation of formal diplomatic relations with Cuba after over 50 years. There remains an embargo and ban on recreational travel to the Latin American nation, which can only be loosened by the U. S. Congress. Therefore, the students will travel on an educational mission.