Berger: Germany on the Brink

January 9, 2015

berger resizedThomas Berger, associate professor of International Relations at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies at Boston University, said that Germany stands on an economic and political brink after a right-wing protest this week.

The remarks were published in Pacific Standard on Jan. 8. The article, “Breaking Down the New Xenophobic Movement in Germany,” details a march in Dresden where 18,000 Germans marched in opposition to immigration and political asylum policies – a trend exacerbated by economic concerns.

In the article, Berger said:

On the financial front, the European economic crisis has been dragging on for nearly five years. “Germany has done relatively well economically,” says Thomas Berger, a professor of international relations at Boston University. “But to think that the Germans’ economic machine is essentially this invincible economic juggernaut is a big mistake. And the Germans are well aware of the fragility of their prosperity.”

You can read the full article here.

Berger joined the Department of International Relations in 2001. Previously, he taught for seven years at the Johns Hopkins Department of Political Science in Baltimore. He is the author of War, Guilt and World Politics After World War II,  Cultures of Antimilitarism: National Security in Germany and Japan and is co-editor of Japan in International Politics: Beyond the Reactive State. His articles and essays have appeared in numerous edited volumes and journals, including International SecurityReview of International StudiesGerman Politics and World Affairs Quarterly.

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