Prof. Palmer on Undocumented Immigrant Children

June 27, 2014

David Scott PalmerProfessor Emeritus David Scott Palmer was quoted in a news story in FoxNews Latino on the surge in undocumented and unaccompanied immigrant children from Latin America crossing into the United States (27 June, 2014). The news story looked at the causes and consequences of this recent surge in undocumented immigrant children.

Prof. Palmer, the Founding Director of the Boston University Latin American Studies Program, now part of the Pardee School of Global Studies was quoted in the story explaing how and why the process unfolds:

“Because of the action, or inaction, taken by the Administration ‘word is’ back in the region, ‘kids have a free pass’,” David Scott Palmer, director of Latin American Studies at Boston University, told Fox News Friday. “It’s become a virtual avalanche of kids and that reinforces the process. Rumors get back and with social media ‘word’ is out instantly. Our response, the humanitarian response, is to find somewhere to put them and that in many cases is better than what they have at home.”

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