Yuan Tian

Yuan-Tian_115x130 Research Fellow







B.A. Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing; M.S.  Boston University; Currently a Third-Year PhD Student in Economics at Boston University.


Political Economics, Mathematical Economics and Finance, Development Economics.


Yuan Tian the CFLP Pre-Doctoral Fellow for GEGI’s Task Force on Regulating Global Capital Flows.  She is currently a third-year PhD student in economics at Boston University. Her research covers a range of issues in development economics including microfinance, capital flows in microenterprises, quantitative policy analysis and econometric tools in international trade. She worked as a data analyst of the Chinese “Going Global” Development Report Project for China Council for the Promotion of International Trade at the beginning of 2010. Yuan received her B.A. in mathematical economics and finance from Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing in 2011 and M.S. in political economics from Boston University in 2012.