Upcoming Events

Has the Crisis Changed the IMF?
November 20, 2014
Join us for a lunch discussion on what changed in the IMF since the 2008 crisis, what hasn’t and why. The discussion is based around a forthcoming special issue of Governance co-edited by Pardee School professors Cornel Ban and Kevin Gallagher. Ban and Gallagher’s presentations will be followed by the remarks of Strom Thacker, professor of political science at the Pardee School and Alasdair Roberts, professor of public policy at Suffolk University and editor of Governance.


Past Events

Managing Financial Globalization in China
October 3, 2014
BU’s Global Economic Governance Initiative (GEGI), in partnership with the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University and the Institute for World Economics and Politics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, recently published a new report titled “Capital Account Liberalization in China: The Need for a Balanced Approach.” The result of a collaborative workshop at BU with experts from academia, governments, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank for International Settlements, this report reflects on the experiences that emerging markets have had with capital account liberalization in past decades, so that China can avoid pitfalls as it opens its financial system in the decades to come. The report is the third in a series of Pardee Task Force Reports on “Managing Capital Flows for Long-Run Development.”

Spring Seminar Series on China’s Global Reach
February 25, March 25, April 22, 2014
As part of GEGI’s “China’s Global Reach” project, GEGI will hold a seminar series in the spring of 2014 that focuses on China’s role in Latin America.  These lunch seminars will take feature talks by Min Ye (February 25, China Invests Overseas: Regulation and Representation), Kevin Gallagher and Rebecca Ray (March 25, China in Latin America:  Implications for Sustainable Development), and Amos Irwin and Kevin Gallagher (April 22, Exporting National Champions: China’s OFDI Lending in Comparative Perspective). Email Victoria Puyat at for more information.

Min Ye Presentation
Kevin Gallagher and Rebecca Ray Presentation
Amos Irwin and Kevin Gallagher Presentation

Chinese Finance in Latin America: What Happened in 2013?
April 7, 2014
Kevin Gallagher will be speaking at the Inter-American Dialogue. The event will highlight key trends in Chinese finance over the past year and will coincide with the launch of an updated version of the China and Latin America Finance Database.

Rompiendo Mitos: China en América LatinaExpert Meeting Launches China Working Group in Peru
March 11, 2014
In March, a group of international researchers got together for the inaugural meeting of the Working Group on Chinese Investment in Latin America. At the meeting, experts from eight countries presented their research on the wide-ranging social and environmental impacts of the recent surge in Chinese investment. The group presented some of their findings at a public event, “Rompiendo Mitos: China en América Latina,” at the Universidad del Pacífico. A policy report will be released in the fall, with case studies published on the web and in a book volume.

Capital Account Liberalization in China: Learning Lessons
February 13, 2014
Co-sponsored by the Institute for World Economics and Politics (IWEP) at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and Columbia University’s Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)

Fall Seminar Series on China’s Global Reach
September 20, October 25, November 22, 2013
As part of GEGI’s “China’s Global Reach” project, GEGI will hold a seminar series in the fall of 2013 that focuses on China’s role in Latin America.  These lunch seminars will take place on September 20 (Tatiana Didier, World Bank) , October 25 (Barbara Stallings, Brown University), and November 22 (Margaret Meyers, Inter-American Dialogue). Email Victoria Puyat at for more information.

Tatiana Didier Presentation
Barbara Stallings Presentation
Margaret Myers Presentation

IMF Event: Capital Flow Management and the Trading System
October 28, 2013
In June 2012, the Global Economic Governance Initiative at Boston University’s Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future – along with the Center for the Study of State and Society from Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Global Development and Environment Institute from Tufts University – convened a workshop of the Task Force on Regulating Global Capital Flows to perform a compatibility review of the regimes for regulating cross-border finance and for international trade and investment. The Inter-Governmental Group of Twenty Four (G-24) will host a seminar with Task Force Members to discuss the findings of the review and the implications for G-24 countries. For more information, click here.

UNCTAD-GEGI Workshop on Regulating Capital Flows
October 3 – 4, 2013
This two-day workshop brought together policy-makers, negotiators, and experts on cross-border financial flows to assess the rationale for capital account regulations and best practice for their use, as well as discussed the proper global economic governance structures needed to facilitate the proper regulation of cross-border finance. For more information, click here.