2010 Archive

12-PP-coverThe Pardee Papers
Energy Transitions
By Peter A. O’Connor
No. 12, November 2010
Pardee Conf Report GoodNewsAfrica-coverConference Report
Africa 2060: Good News from Africa
Fall 2010
06-SDI coverSD Insights
Green Revolution 2.0: A Sustainable Energy Path
By Nalin Kulatilaka
No. 006, October 2010
18-IIB coverIssues in Brief
China and the Future of Latin American Industrialization
By Kevin Gallagher
No. 018, October 2010
17- IIB coverIssues in Brief
Complex Natural Disasters and the Role of the University
By Enrique Silva
No. 017, October 2010
16-IIB coverIssues in BriefCall for a Corporate Social Conscience Index
By Stephanie Watts
No. 016, September 2010
Pardee Paper #11 Ethiopian Fine Coffees-coverThe Pardee Papers
Coffee, Culture, and Intellectual Property: Lessons for Africa from the Ethiopian Fine Coffee Initiative
By Heran Sereke-Brhan
No. 011, July 2010
UNsdkp005coverSD Insights
Global Environment Governance: The Challenge of Accountability
By Adil Najam and Mark Halle
No. 005, May 2010
IIB015FcoverIssues in Brief
Mapping the Complexity of Higher Education in the Developing World
By Muhammad Hamid Zaman, Adil Najam and David K. Campbell
No. 015, May 2010
Pardee Paper #10 coverThe Pardee Papers
Sub-Saharan Africa at a Crossroads: A Quantitative Analysis of Regional Development
By Zachary C. Tyler and Sucharita Gopal
No. 010, May 2010
UNsdkp004coverSD Insights
The Role of Cities in Sustainable Development
By David Satterthwaite
No. 004, May 2010
IIB014coverIssues in Brief
Diplomacy is Stalling: How the G20 Can Catch Up with the World
By Ambassador Paul Webster Hare
No. 014, April 2010
UNsdkp003coverSD Insights
Are Women the Key to Sustainable Development
By Candice Stevens
No. 003, April 2010
Pardee IIB 013 coverIssues in Brief
Envisioning Africa’s Future: A Story of Changing Perceptions
By Julius Gatune Kariuki
No. 013, March 2010
Pardee_Paper #9 coverThe Pardee Papers
Narcotics Trafficking in West Africa: A Governance Challenge
By Peter L. McGuire
No. 009, March 2010
Pardee Paper #8 coverThe Pardee Papers
Community Targeting for Poverty Reduction: Lessons from Developing Countries
By Moeed Yusuf
No. 008, February 2010
Pardee-IIB-012-thIssues in Brief
Beyond the Resource Curse: Minerals and Global Development
By Saleem H. Ali
No. 012, January 2010