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Pardee Center researchers produce a wealth of published research, much of which is published in books, scholarly journals and by other institutions and some by the Pardee Center itself. Most Pardee Center publications are available for free download in PDF format.

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Issues in Brief
Improving Women’s Reproductive Health in India by Educating Men and Families
By Maanasa Venkatesh
No. 031, March 2016


The Pardee Papers
Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Need for New Paradigms in Global Health
By Maia Olsen
No. 017, December 2015
Issues in Brief
Smallholder Challenges in the Growing Palm Oil Industry
By Laurie Wissler
No. 030, May 2015


Cover_TaskForceReport_Oct2014smallTask Force Report
Capital Account Liberalization in China: The Need for a Balanced Approach
October 2014
LeeannIIBsmallIssues in Brief
Five Challenges to the Future of Transboundary Water Governance
By Leeann Sullivan
No. 029, August 2014


Remittances TF Report cover
Task Force Report
Remittance Flows to Post-Conflict States: Perspectives to Security and Development

October 2013

Pardee-IIB-028-Oct-2013Issues in Brief
The Minimata Convention and the Future of Mercury Abatement
By Henrik Selin
No. 028, October 2013

PardeePaper16 COVERThe Pardee Papers
An Uncertain Future: Youth Frustration and the Arab Spring
By M. Chloe Mulderig
No. 016, April 2013

IIB027 cover imageIssues in Brief
Water Resources Development: Engineering the Future of Global Health
By Diana R. Gergel
No. 027, March 2013
Task Force 2 coverTask Force Report
Capital Account Regulations and the Trading System: A Compatibility Review
March 2013


Pardee-IIB-026-Dec-2012Issues in Brief
The IMF’s New View on Financial Globalization: A Critical Assessment
By Kevin Gallagher
No. 026, December 2012
Pardee-IIB-025-Nov-2012Issues in Brief
Religion, Social Movements, and Zones of Crisis in Latin America
By Jeffrey Rubin, David Smilde, and Benjamin Junge
No. 025, November 2012
Games for a New Climate TF Official-1Task Force Report
Games for a New Climate: Experiencing the Complexity of Future Risks, November 2012
Knowledge-Economies-Pardee-ReportResearch Report
Creating an Innovation Ecosystem: Governance and the Growth of Knowledge Economies, October 2012
IIB 24 newIssues in Brief
Global Financial Reform and Trade Rules: The Need for Reconciliation
By Kevin Gallagher and Leonardo Stanley
No. 024, September 2012
23-IIB Free Trade India Economy Issues in Brief
Free Trade and Inclusive Development: Lessons from the Indian Experience
By Suranjana Nabar-Bhaduri
No. 023, April 2012
CapitalTF Cover imageTask Force Report
Regulating Global Capital Flows for Long-Run Development
March 2012
Searchlight Pardee Report cover imageResearch Report
Connecting the Dots: Information Visualization and Text Analysis of the Searchlight Project Newsletters
By Sucharita Gopal and Adil Najam
February 2012
Development That WorksConference Report
Development that Works
Publication Winter 2012

(Conference held March 2011)


22-IIB-coverIssues in Brief
Capital Account Regulations for Stability and Development: A New Approach
By Kevin P. Gallagher, Stephany Griffith-Jones and José Antonio Ocampo
No. 022, November 2011

21-IIB-coverIssues in Brief
Adulthood Denied: Youth Dissatisfaction and the Arab Spring
By M. Chloe Mulderig
No. 021, October 2011

LA2060TF-coverTask Force Report
Latin America 2060: Consolidation or Crisis?
September 2011
15-PP-coverThe Pardee Papers
The Future of Agriculture in Africa
By Julius Gatune Kariuki
No. 015, August 2011

pp14 coverThe Pardee Papers
Africa’s Technology Futures: Three Scenarios
By Dirk Swart
No. 014, July 2011

sdi-008-coverSD Insights
Rio+20: Accountability and Implementation as Key Goals
By Adil Najam and Miquel Muñoz
No. 008, August 2011

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