Mission Statement

The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future at Boston University conducts interdisciplinary and policy-relevant research on a wide range of issues that contribute to long-term improvements in the human condition. The Center seeks to disseminate the collective knowledge and experience of scholars and practitioners in an effort to ensure that decisions made today lead to better outcomes tomorrow.

The Pardee Center’s research and public activities are future-oriented and policy relevant:

Pardee mechanisms for fostering scholarship and public discourse include:

  • Task Forces on key themes of human development with reports that include policy recommendations
  • Pardee House Seminars featuring a panel of faculty, researchers, and graduate students (monthly)
  • Distinguished Lectures from internationally prominent speakers (annual)
  • Conferences (on issues of the longer-range future and to present reports from Task Force projects)
  • Gaming Encounters (e.g. “Games for the New Climate” in March 2012, co-sponsored with the Red Cross)

Publications that reflect Pardee Center activities and public programs:

Pardee Center Outreach Program

The Pardee Center engages the public and promotes its ongoing programs and upcoming events through the Center’s web site and other widely-used social media tools. The content includes “news” items about Pardee Center activities and notable achievements by members of the Pardee Center community as well as video clips of public lectures and seminars.

Specific activities include:

  • Maintaining an active web site (www.bu.edu/pardee)
  • Regular posting to Twitter and Facebook in an effort to expand the platform for dialogue with partner organizations and sites related to Pardee Center themes on human development.
  • Posting of videos and podcasts of public lectures, seminars, and documentary productions.
  • Disseminating news, event announcements, and new publications through a large email list of contacts and networks from around the world.
  • Summer Graduate Fellows Program to identify and engage a new generation of scholars and practitioners whose work and training focuses on Pardee themes and priorities.  The Summer Fellows Program invites young scholars from the Boston University academic community and reflects a wide focus of geographic interest and a broader perspective on the longer-range future.  Its interdisciplinary focus provides a rich experience for young scholars to enrich their work though contacts with their peers and Boston area faculty.