Rachael Garrett

Faculty Associate
Assistant Professor, Earth and Environment


BA, Boston University; MPA, Columbia University; PhD, Stanford University


Rachael Garrett is an Assistant Professor of the Human Dimensions of Global Change in the Department of Earth and Environment at Boston University. She is an interdisciplinary social scientist whose expertise spans the fields of agricultural economics, land systems science, and economic geography. Rachael’s work focuses on identifying synergies between food production, conservation, and rural development for climate mitigation and adaptation. Her current research projects include understanding the role of supply chains in determining land use and management patterns in South America, examining the scalability and tradeoffs associated with integrated crop and livestock systems in the United States, Brazil, and New Zealand, and assessing the vulnerability of coffee communities in Brazil, Jamaica, and Mexico to climate change. She received her PhD through the Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources at Stanford University in 2013. Prior to accepting the position at Boston University, Rachael was a Giorgio Ruffolo Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Sustainability Science at Harvard University, a National Science Foundation Science, Engineering, and Education for Sustainability Fellow, and Fulbright NEXUS Scholar.