Jianguo Liu

Visiting Scholar
Associate Professor, Peking University


Educated in environmental chemistry, Prof. Jianguo Liu’s research focuses on interdisciplinary studies on Environmentally Sound Management of Chemicals (ESMC) and relevant Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs).

For the last 15 years, Liu has pioneered and conducted significant studies on ESMC in  China. He published China’s first monograph on ESMC, titled Environmentally Sound Management of Chemicals: Risk Management & Governance (2008). He is the chief editor of the official National Profile of Chemicals Management in China (2015). He continuously served as a member of the Chinese governmental delegation in the intergovernmental negotiations of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (2003‐2015), International Chemical Management Conference on SAICM (20092015) and Minamata Convention on Mercury (20092016).

He has been engaged in most of the major studies and projects on ESMC and relevant international conventions in China. He was the leading expert of the Quick Start Program (QSP) of SAICM of China, which developed the National Profile and launched the National Forum of SAICM Implement in China (2015), the chief expert and drafter of the high‐profile report Major Issues and Policy Framework Policy of Environmentally Sound Management of Chemicals in China for the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED) (2007) and Chinese 12th Five‐Years Plan (20112015) on Environmental RisControl of Chemicals (2013), and the White Paper on Policies and Actions on Environmentally Sound Management of Chemical(2016). He was a core member of the expert group in developing the National Implementation Plan (NIP) for China to Implement the Stockholm Convention (20052007) and its updating (2015‐2017).

In addition to many decision‐making research reports delivered to the government, he published 3 books and over 20 research papers involving both international and national policies, plans on ESMC & MEAs, and risk assessment and socioeconomic analysis of chemicals of concern oemerging global policy issues, with coherent emphasis on the conjunction of the scientific and technological knowledge and social and economic mechanism for policymaking and good governance. He used to be an international expert of UNIDO and OECD in developing guidance documents on risk management of certain chemicals, and has been selected as a member of the Apple Green Chemistry Board since 2015. He is a member of a series of expert committees on China’s chemicals management, including the Scientific Expert Review Committee for Chemicals Management of Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) of China and the Expert Committee on Chemicals Risk Control of Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences (CSES). He has received a series of awards for his outstanding research and valuable contributions to policymakinon ESMC and MEAs in China by UNIDO, MEP, CSES, and PKU.