Athar Osama

Visiting Fellow (2008-2011)


BEng, Aeronautical Engineering, Pakistan Airforce Academy, Risalpur; PhD, Public Policy, Pardee-RAND Graduate School


Science, innovation, and development; strategy, performance, and incentives systems in research; techno-economic clusters

Elana Kimbrell


Athar Osama brings a unique blend of academic insight and hands-on implementation experience to science and innovation policy having worked across policy research, consulting, and management realms. Athar currently works as the CEO of Technomics International. Before this, he worked as a Senior Consultant at a UK-based technology and innovation policy and management consulting firm with offices in United States and the Middle East where he specializes in an array of science and innovation policy issues with special emphasis on program design and delivery and policy implementation. Prior to that, Athar worked as a PRGS Doctoral Fellow at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica where – alongside his dissertation on strategy, performance, and incentives systems in public, private, and academic research labs – he carried out research on a variety of issues dealing with science and innovation policies.

At RAND and elsewhere, Athar’s research has focussed on the development and analysis of higher education, research and commercialization, and entrepreneurial systems; the creation of information technology industries in developing countries; and the role of public policy in creating techno-economic clusters around the world. In 2005, Athar authored the first ever National Study of information technology industry for Pakistan. As a member of a RAND research team, Athar also participated in the creation of a public sector venture capital program for a major US government agency. He also consults as an Science and Innovation Policy Consultant with the Science and Development Network (SciDev.Net) – a UK based charity focussed on promoting the use of science for development in the South. He is a regular contributor to a range of online and print media outlets on a host of issues ranging from science, economics, and development to democracy, governance, and politics.

Athar holds a PhD in public policy with a specialization in science, technology, and innovation policy from the Frederick S. Pardee – RAND Graduate School for Public Policy in Santa Monica, CA. Athar also has a bachelors degree in Aeronautical Engineering and is a graduate of Pakistan’s Airforce Academy where he also won the coveted “Sword of Honor” for his all-round performance.