Delina Convenes Workshop on Sustainable Energy Transitions Research

Laurence Delina, a post-doctoral associate at the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, recently convened a small group of Boston-based academics and practitioners for a full-day workshop at the Pardee Center to explore emerging research opportunities related to making clean energy transitions better. The participants shared their ongoing work and offered opportunities for pursuing joint and collaborative work. The meeting stemmed from a discussion during Delina’s attendance at the Stanley Foundation’s Strategy for Peace Conference in Airlie, Virginia, in October.

As a post-doctoral associate at the Pardee Center, Delina leads an interdisciplinary research project exploring the plausible pathways for achieving energy security in developing countries. The project has led to one of his recent books, Accelerating Sustainable Energy Transition(s) in Developing Countries: The challenges of climate change and sustainable development (Routledge 2017), which explores how transitions away from carbon-based fuel sources to renewables occur in fourteen different developing countries.