Ecological Forecasting Initiative Website Launches

Pardee Center Faculty Research Fellow Prof. Michael Dietze has launched the Ecological Forecasting Initiative website. The Initiative is “a grassroots consortium aimed at building and supporting an interdisciplinary community of practice around near-term (daily to decadal) ecological forecasts.”

The website is a major component of Prof. Dietze’s work as a Pardee Center Faculty Research Fellow, in which he is planning a symposium in Washington, DC, in spring 2019┬áto foster dialogue, innovation, and new research directions in ecological forecasting among an interdisciplinary community including social, computational, and physical scientists, as well as stakeholders from multiple industries, federal agencies, and more.

Ecological forecasting is an emerging research area focused on accelerating environmental research about the future, and making it more relevant to society in fields such as fisheries, wildlife, algal blooms, wildfire, and human disease.

Click here to visit the website. Follow the Intiative on Twitter at @eco4cast.