Summer Fellows Participate in Game Session with Visiting Fellow Pablo Suarez


Pablo Suarez, a Visiting Research Fellow at the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, hosted an interactive game session with the Pardee Center Graduate Summer Fellows on July 18.

Suarez facilitated a series of activities with the Fellows designed to demonstrate the value of participatory games for contextualizing risk, probability, preparation, and the value of information about the future in decision-making processes. Following the game session, Suarez led a discussion over lunch about the merits of distilling a wide range of real world situations into game settings, and about the unique ability to represent trade-offs between the present and the future, and between the individual and the collective, using interactive games.

Suarez, who is the Associate Director for Research and Innovation at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, was the facilitator of a 2012 Pardee Center Task Force Report titled Games for a New Climate: Experiencing the Complexity of Future Risks. The report explores the ways in which games can be used to help a variety of stakeholders – from subsistence farmers and aid workers to scientists and policymakers – understand and experience the risks related to decision-making in an uncertain future. Click here to download the PDF of the report.