Janetos Discusses Ethics of Climate Change with St. Paul’s School Students

janetosstpaulsOn July 12, the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future hosted a group of students from the St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program for a conversation with Pardee Center Director Anthony Janetos about science, ethics, and climate change. Prof. Janetos presented the science and impacts of climate change, and the current and future policy options for mitigation and adaptation. He posed the question of the extent to which government leaders have an ethical responsibility to respond to climate change, and a wide-ranging discussion with the students followed about the relative roles of developed and developing countries, the role of the free market, the most effective science communication techniques, and more.

The meeting was convened by 2016 Graduate Summer Fellow Joshua Duclos, a PhD candidate in the BU Philosophy Department, who teaches a five-week intensive summer course on Biomedical Ethics to the group of rising high school seniors.