Graduate Summer Fellows Give Midpoint Presentations

The 2017 Graduate Summer Fellows have reached the midpoint of the program at the Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future, and over the course of two days last week they presented their research progress to receive feedback from Pardee Center staff, post-docs, affiliated faculty, and their peers.

On the first day of presentations, Jonathan Shaffer (Sociology) spoke about his research on the marginalization of non-communicable diseases in global health financing, followed by Erica Larson (Anthropology) on religious education in Indonesia, Danielle Trachtenberg (Economics) on the effects of offshoring on employment, and Ilyun Koh (Earth & Environment) on the vulnerability of Brazilian coffee farms to climate change. On the second day, William Murphy (Political Science) discussed his research on the politics of tax havens, followed by Calynn Dowler (Anthropology) on the discourse and policies surrounding climate change and migration in India’s Sundarbans Islands, Florian Bodamer (International Affairs) on the impact of defense innovation on economic growth, and finally Alexandre White (Sociology) on how the risk of epidemics are determined and how those risks are responded to by the World Health Organization.

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