Pardee Center Publishes Paper on Transboundary Water Governance

IIB August 2014The Frederick S. Pardee Center for the Study of the Longer-Range Future has published a new paper in the Issues in Brief series.

Five Challenges to the Future of Transboundary Water Governance” was written by Pardee 2013 Graduate Summer Fellow Leeann Sullivan, a recent graduate of BU’s International Relations and Environmental Policy program. In the brief, Leeann discusses the key challenges of the future of transboundary water governance, arguing that climate change and rapid socio-economic development pose basin-wide challenges that communities cannot address alone. She concludes that by creating a regional framework to help communities tackle issues of communication, governance, financial stability, resource allocation, and data management, water managers may be able to strengthen political and environmental resilience in the basin. She asserts that “lessons learned from the integration of management systems in the [case study region]…could highlight key components of sustainable water management for the longer-range future.”

An electronic version of the paper can be downloaded from the publications library on the Pardee web site. Hard copies are free and can be requested by sending an email to