Pardee 2013 Graduate Summer Fellows Attend Research Workshop

Summer Fellows Meeting 1

The 2013 Pardee Graduate Summer Fellows participated in a workshop on June 5th that provided guidance for conducting research and writing a paper for an interdisciplinary audience. Pardee Center Director Anthony Janetos, Pardee Faculty Fellow Henrik Selin, and Pardee Center Associate Director Cynthia Barakatt led the afternoon session.

Prof. Selin and Prof. Janetos discussed the importance of developing a clear research question, conducting a solid literature review, and presenting a clear analysis of the topic in a manner that could be understood by people of various backgrounds and disciplines. Barakatt spoke of the need to identify the intended audience for the paper as the first step in the writing process and offered specific tips for writing in a clear and concise style.

The Pardee Graduate Summer Fellows are writing research papers that they will submit at the end of the program in August. The papers will be considered for publication in the Center’s publications program.