Pardee Center Produces Podcast On Capital Account Regulations

Pardee Faculty Fellow Kevin Gallagher discusses the role of cross-border financial regulations in the latest Pardee Podcast about the March 2013 Pardee Task Force Report, Capital Account Regulations and the Trading System: A Compatibility Review. Prof. Gallagher is the Co-Chair of the Pardee Task Force on Regulating Global Capital Flows for Long-Run Development. This report builds on the Task Force´s first report published in March 2012.

Prof. Gallagher also spoke on April 24, 2013 about the Pardee Task Force Report at the Vale Columbia Center on Sustainable International with Elizabeth Broomfield of Cleary Gottlieb in a live-webcasted seminar titled, Re-Regulating Global Finance and the Investment Treaty System: Convergence or Collision Course? The power point presentations from that talk are available here.