Kevin Gallagher Writes for Al Jazeera about Pending WTO Review

kevin gallagher 95Pardee Faculty Fellow Kevin Gallagher wrote a piece for Al Jazeera titled, “Trade rules should not constrain fixing global finance,” about the emerging market and developing countries world trade policy the World Trade Organization is set to review this week. Prof. Gallagher argues a decision on the relationship between recent financial regulatory reforms and global trade rules is urgently needed. In his piece, he details the background tensions behind the issues surrounding cross-border financial flows and the Trans-Pacific Partnership. To read his entire article click here.

Last week Prof. Gallagher wrote an Op-ed blog for the Financial Times. In the piece titled, “Let’s not get ‘carried away’ by Bernake’s latest twist,” in which he calls for action in fiscal as well as monetary policy. To read that piece click here.

Prof. Gallagher leads the Pardee Center’s Global Economic Governance Initiative and co-chairs the Pardee Task Force on Regulating Global Capital Flows for Long-Run Development.