Student Work Policies

While students may volunteer to serve on the various program committees, PA students are not permitted to be employed by or perform clerical or administrative tasks for the program. Furthermore, PA student employment is discouraged due to the rigorous nature of the educational program. In the event a student chooses to work, they are not permitted to miss nor reschedule lecture, lab, journal clubs, or seminar and clinical training sessions.  The Student Progress and Promotion Committee may review students’ progress to determine whether or not employment is interfering with their training. The Committee has the right and responsibility to require the student to terminate their employment, if it is found to interfere with their education.

Clinical students are encouraged to actively participate in the care of patients as it relates to their education and development of PA competencies, however they must not substitute for the clerical or clinical staff at the clinical sites.  This policy, which is consistent with the ARC-PA Standards, is discussed in detail before the clinical phase begins.