Admissions and Prerequisites

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All materials submitted for consideration must be postmarked by October 1 of the preceding year for which you are applying.  So, if you are applying for admission in April of 2019, all materials must be postmarked by October 1, 2018.  The supplemental application due date is October 5, 2018 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Yes. The supplemental application due date is October 5, 2018. Please see our How to Apply page for more information.

Supplemental Application

For Mac users opening the pre-registration link in Safari, in some cases the link is not working and the page is blank because the browser needs to be updated. We recommend instead using Firefox to open the pre-registration link. If you are still unable to open the link, please contact our office and we can assist you.

Please ensure that you are entering your personal information exactly as it was entered into CASPA. For example, if you included your state’s two-letter postal abbreviation with your City of Birth in CASPA, you must also enter it into the Pre-Registration form (e.g. “Boston, MA” as opposed to “Boston”). If you unsuccessfully submit your Pre-Registration form 3 times, please email and we will re-open the form for you.

Please check your email account’s Spam/Junk folders for a message from If you are certain you have not received a message from that address, please email and we will re-send the message.

The Supplemental Application deadline for the 2017-2018 CASPA application cycle is October 10th, 2017 at 5pm Eastern Standard Time.

Prerequisite Coursework

We have chosen a slate of prerequisite courses that we have found to be foundational to matriculating PA students at Boston University.  In order to ensure that each applicant is adequately prepared for our curriculum, we do not accept substitutions for the prerequisite courses listed on our admissions page.  We do not mandate that prerequisites be taken solely at a 4-year college or university.

Yes and No.

At the time you submit your application to CASPA you may have courses that are listed as “in progress.”  However, in order to be considered as an applicant, one must have completed all prerequisite courses prior to the October 1st deadline. In the event that you have prerequisite course in progress at the time you submit your application, you should send updated transcripts directly to the PA office upon completion of the coursework, prior to our application deadline.

No.  All courses listed on our academic prerequisite requirement page must be completed in traditional classroom and laboratory settings.  Given the complexity and nature of PA education, we want to ensure that all applicants accepted to the program have sufficient academic preparation for success. We believe this is best achieved by taking your science class prerequisites in a classroom setting.

We recognize that many courses now utilize online components. If a course uses both online and in class work and it listed on a transcript as a traditional course, that is acceptable. If your college or university classifies your course as an online course on your transcript, we are unable to accept it to fulfill a prerequisite course requirement.

At this time, our office is unable to provide full transcript reviews to prospective applicants. However, if you are unsure whether you have satisfied a particular academic requisite with previously-completed or tentative coursework, please email us 1) the name and number of the course 2) the institution at which it was taken and 3) a syllabus or brief course description.

Our Admissions Team understands that not all colleges and universities implement the same numbering system for courses. If you are unsure about a particular course, please contact our office by email with the following information

  • The course name and number
  • Where you took the course
  • A brief course description, such as the description from a course bulletin
  • Which prerequisite you would like to apply that course to

We will respond as soon as possible, after reviewing that course.

Courses do not expire nor have we placed a specific time limit on the prerequisites.

No. Courses that meet one of the prerequisite criteria cannot be used to meet a second requirement. All specific course prerequisites courses are required in addition to three upper level biology courses at the 300, 400 level or above.

All prerequisite courses are required of all applicants to be considered, regardless of your previous academic work.

Degree Requirements

No, however all applicants must have completed their bachelor’s degree prior to matriculation into the program. If you have completed the prerequisites and are in the process of finishing your bachelor’s degree you may be eligible for and granted conditional acceptance. Proof of your degree will be required prior to matriculation.

No. The program does not prefer one Bachelor’s degree over another. We welcome applicants from diverse academic, career, and personal backgrounds.

GPA and Test Requirements

We require at minimum, a 3.0 GPA in science coursework only. This number is calculated by CASPA and includes all science courses. We do not have an overall minimum GPA requirement.

No. The program requires GRE scores from all applicants.

Please report your TOEFL scores directly to CASPA by sending them to code #3709. You may read more about score reporting through CASPA here.

Letters of Recommendation

The Admissions Committee will review only the three letters of recommendation specified in its admissions prerequisites. Any additional letters of recommendation will not be submitted for review. If you are unable to upload both the three letters required by the Program and those required by other programs to which you are applying within CASPA’s five-letter limit, please contact us at

Admissions Policies

The BU PA program does not have any admission or enrollment practices that favor specified individuals or groups. We however seek to draw students from all backgrounds and cultures in an effort to create a diverse program.

No. The program does not make any admissions decisions prior to our application deadline.

In rare circumstances, on a case-by-case basis, the program may consider granting advanced placement for previous course work.



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