Tuition and Financial Aid

Estimation of Costs

Annual tuition for Boston University Graduate Medical Science students is $47,422, for a 9 month academic year.  Matriculating PA students are granted a merit scholarship, resulting in a tuition of $39,312 per 12 month academic year starting in April 2016.  There is no tuition difference for in-state and out-of-state residents.

Upon notification of acceptance, prospective PA students are required to pay a program deposit of $550. Immunizations required by the program prior to matriculation are not included in the budget estimates below and the cost will vary depending on where you obtain the vaccines (range $0-$600.00). Additional first, second, and third year program costs include medical instruments, books, student health fees, rent, transportation, parking at clinical sites, food, health insurance, and miscellaneous personal expenses.

The table below is an estimate of the total program costs for April 2016-September 2018.

Tuition and Fees Year 1 (12 mo.) Year 2 (12 mo.)** Year 3 (4 mo.)**
Tuition $39,312* $41,277* $14,309*
Room and Board $20,423 $20,423 $6,090
Books and Supplies $3,512 $721 $0
Personal Expenses $4,788 $4,874 $1,500
Transportation $3,277 $5,203 $1,500
Grad Program Fee $300 $550 $0
Health Insurance*** $3,763 $2,713 $1,050
Health and Wellness Fee $515 $522 $180
NCCPA Board Prep $0 $0 $500
Total Annual Costs $76,825 $76,262 $23,041
Total Program Costs $171,128

Year 1 Tuition is divided across 3 semesters
Year 2 Tuition is divided across 3 semesters
Year 3 Tuition is for the last semester

This estimated budget and information about the financial aid application will be provided during the admission interview and may also be obtained by contacting the Office of Financial Aid.

For additional information about financial aid resources, please see the Financing Your Education page.

*Includes merit scholarship for all incoming students

**Year 2 and 3 tuition and budget are estimated based on projected tuition and cost of living increases. Please note that the estimated line item budget is prepared in January of each year for the next academic year; this budget is subject to University final tuition adjustments that are typically confirmed each April. 

***Health Insurance fee may be waived if student provides proof of adequate health and medication coverage.

Tuition and Fee Refund Policy

Should you decide to withdraw from the PA program, the following schedule will be used to apportion refunds of tuition:

Prior to the start of the semester: 100%
First two weeks of semester: 80%
Third week of semester: 60%
Fourth week of semester: 40%
Fifth week of semester: 20%
After the fifth week of the semester: 0%

Fees are generally not refundable, but requests for fee refunds may be made to the program director and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.