Students in the PA program are required to complete a research thesis proposal that demonstrates the student’s ability to interpret the medical literature, develop a hypothesis-driven project and to analyze the significance of the proposed project. The project is designed to enhance the PA student’s ability to critically evaluate the literature by supporting them to develop a novel project of their own. We believe this experience will provide practical insight in to the challenges inherent in developing sound and relevant research and hone the students’ analytical skills. In addition, this assignment relates to our mission to train leaders who will be expected to express their thoughts in written form. Students will mentored by an advisor from the School of Medicine or Public Health to develop their project related to clinical medicine, PA education or health workforce. Each student is provided two dedicated months to complete their project during the “clinical phase” of the program. Once the final draft is signed by the thesis advisor, the manuscript will be graded by members of the Thesis Committee. There is no oral defense.

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If you are in need of assistance, please contact Dr. Oren Berkowitz, Director of Research via email or at (617) 638-5129.