ACS Fellowships

Jason Lowe is a recipient of ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Fellowship for 2005-2006. Jason joins the company of five previous members of the Panek group who have earned this prestigious fellowship.

Jason T. Lowe 2005-2006 sponsor Bristol-Myers Squibb

Jennifer V. Schaus 2001-2002 sponsor Wyeth-Ayerst

Craig E. Masse 1998-1999 ACS Division of Medicinal Chemistry Graduate Fellowship sponsor Hoechest Marion Roussel

Craig E. Masse 1996-1997 sponsor Organic Syntheses

Richard T. Beresis 1993-1994 sponsor Upjohn Co.

Michael G. Yang 1992-93 sponsor Pfizer, Inc.

Michelle A. Sparks 1989-90 sponsor Merck Res. Labs