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Jaspers-Jahr 2008

Jaspers Society of Japan

Karl Jaspers Stiftung, Switzerland

Polskie Towarzystwo Karla Jaspera / Polish Karl Jaspers Society

Österreichische Karl-Jaspers-Gesellschaft / Austrian Karl Jaspers Society

Società Italiana Karl Jaspers / Italian Karl Jaspers Society

Hrvatsko Društvo "Karl Jaspers" / Croatian Karl Jaspers Society

University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa

Twenty-Third World Congress of Philosophy, Athens 2013

Twenty-Second World Congress of Philosophy, Seoul 2008

Twenty-First World Congress of Philosophy, Istanbul 2003

American Philosophical Association

Canadian Philosophical Association/Association canadienne de philosophie

Canadian Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada/ Fédération canadienne des sciences humaines et sociales

The Library of Congress

The National Library of Canada


Karl Jaspers Forum



Spanish Language Blog Related to Jaspers

Moderated by Gladis L. Portuondo, contains several translations into Spanish of essays published in Existenz.


Current Works Related to Jaspers

Chris Thornhill's entry on Jaspers in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Babette Babich's lecture on Arendt's Radical Good and the Banality of Evil.

Panel presentations with discussion on Transhumanism organized by KJSNA in conjunction with the 87th Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Society (San Francisco, March 2013)