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is an online journal in philosophy devoted to research and publication in philosophy, religion, politics, and the arts.  The title of this journal is inspired by the writing of Karl Jaspers and his notion of philosophizing on the grounds of possible Existenz (mõgliche Existenz), by which he meant philosophical thinking that might elucidate the meaning of human experience and existence.


Alan M. Olson

Helmut Wautischer

United States:
Stephen A. Erickson
Raymond Langley

Gregory J. Walters

Kurt Salamun

Andreas Cesana

Great Britain:
Chris Thornhill

Tomoko Iwasawa

Elena Bezzubova
Helena Gourko

Gladys L. Portuondo

Mission Statement

The mission of EXISTENZ is to encourage research and publication on problems and topics consistent with the general overview of Karl Jaspers, namely, the history of philosophy, phenomenology, existentialism, and hermeneutics; psychology, philosophy of religion, politics, culture, and the arts. The journal serves as a publication outlet for Jaspers scholarship, cooperates with various international Jaspers societies, including those in the United States, Japan, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Croatia, and also considers direct submissions of articles for online publication.


Tom Rockmore

Remarks about Art and Truth After Plato and Its Critics
Joseph Margolis The Problem of Art and Truth in Tom Rockmore's Art and Truth After Plato
Raymond LangleyReview of Tom Rockmore, Art and Truth After Plato
Alina Feld Response to Tom Rockmore's Art and Truth After Plato
Sophie Cloutier The Social Role of Art: A Reading of Art and Truth After Plato
Lydia Voronina Icons: Interplay of their Artistic, Religious and Metaphysical Profiles
Alina Feld Reflections on the Phenomenology of Gazing: Christian Icon Veneration and Hindu Darshan
Indu Sarin Artistic Disclosure of Nature: Heidegger and Tagore
Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei Death and Authenticity: Reflections on Heidegger, Rilke, Blanchot
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