Boston University Study Abroad Padua

Since its start in 1988, Boston University students and students from colleges and universities around the States have had the opportunity to study a variety of disciplines at the Boston University Padua Academic Center and at the University of Padua and be exposed to an array of cultural and recreational events in a vibrant university town.

Students who are already proficient in Italian have the option to take courses in any discipline in one of the oldest universities in the world, made famous by renowned scientists such as Galileo Galilei and Copernicus.

Students with no previous knowledge of Italian can enroll in the BU Padua Italian and European Studies Program which includes the opportunity to take courses in English at the local university as well.

All students enrolled in the Boston University Study Abroad Padua live with Italian host families which provide an excellent opportunity to explore Italy and the Italian lifestyle in depth.

If you are interested in studying in Padua, make sure to apply through  Boston University Study Abroad Padua which includes the online application forms.


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  • MIP students 2017

  • SUmmer 2016 Padua and Venice Programs in the Dolomites

  • Spring 2016 field trip, Gradara Castle

  • Spring 2016, next to Galla Placidia, Ravenna

  • Spring 2016 in Pesaro

  • Fall 2015, Christmas event

  • Summer 2015 group and the Observatory

  • Piazza dei Signori at sunset, pic by Kirsten Hellwig

  • Summer 2015 group

  • Class visit to a wine company

  • Selfie in Piazza delle Erbe

  • Spring 2015 group

  • Prato della Valle

  • Fall 2014 group

  • Summer 2013 group

  • On the River Piovego

  • Arquà Petrarca, Petrarch's House

  • Euganean Hills, Villa dei Vescovi