Your Host: Sargent Center for Outdoor Education

Boston University's Sargent Center teaches people how their decisions and lifestyle choices impact the environment and advocates for conservation of our natural resources. Every decision we make to consume has implications for how that product was made, transported and packaged, as well as how it will need to be disposed of. Sustainable products are those that use renewal and/or organic resources in their manufacturing, limit the distance they must travel, and can be safely broken down in the environment or recycled. Wine in the Woods will highlight foods and wines that meet these standards and provide the guests with information about how to choose to be more sustainable in their consumption.

Each year over 3,500 school children attend environmental education programs at Sargent Center, while living and working together in a real world sustainable community. They learn to practice simple conservation, like not wasting food, turning off lights and using low energy bulbs, closing doors and windows, growing food organically, eating locally produced foods, and heating with solar energy. Wine in the Woods is an important way for the Monadnock Community to contribute to the environmental literacy of our young people.

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Master of Wine: Bill Nesto

Bill graduated from Harvard College with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies, but wound up in the wine industry going on to be sommelier at the Ritz-Carlton in Boston. In 1993, he attained certification as a "Master of Wine" from the London-based Institute of Masters of Wine - a most highly regarded credential, representing a thorough understanding of the international wine business. At Boston University, Bill is best known as a founder of the Wine Studies Program and Senior Lecturer. He has also taught at Johnson & Wales University, Cornell University, the Culinary Institute of America, and the Enoteca Italiana in Siena, Italy. Additionally, Mr Nesto is a contributing Editor to Santé: The Magazine for Restaurant Professionals, and a regular contributor to Massachusetts Beverage Business.

Executive Chef: Victor Beguin

Victor was born in Paris and raised in South Africa. He grew up on Swiss and American food, and African-style outdoor cooking done one step outside the kitchen, surrounded by gardens and the savannah. Victor learned to appreciate the richness of cultural diversity and all the foods that nature provides. He went on to study many types of cooking - especially Indian in the early years - and subsequently world cuisine, restaurants and catering, nutritional ecology, sustainable organic food production, food formulation, writing, and marketing. In 1985, he introduced Sucanat to the North American market, based on the work of his uncles Dr. Max Henri Beguin and Felix Beguin who invented, researched and pioneered this organic sweetener for Europe.