We are introducing three new courses. The Modern Jew (RN339) was first offered in Fall 2010, when it was team-taught by Abigail Gillman (MLCL) and Michael Zank (RN) and will be offered again in Spring 2013, by Michael Zank.

The second course, The Heretical Jew (RN336), was offered in 2011 by Professors Gillman and Seligman (RN/CURA). This class explored heresy in the Jewish context, both in the classic sense and as a category evolving in the secular world. Topics include biblical and rabbinic heretics, early modern and Enlightenment philosophy, post-Holocaust theology, and feminist and gay/lesbian challenges to normative Judaism.

The Jewish Political Tradition (RN 499-Topics in Judaica) was offered in Spring 2012, taught by Prof. Nahshon Perez, Schusterman Visiting Professor in Israel Studies, a political scientist.The course was offered again in Fall 2012 as under the course title The Jewish Political Tradition (cross-listed RN332/HI389) and taught by Prof. Simon Rabinovitch. The cross-listing is beneficial for students majoring in either history or religious studies.

There are no prerequisites to take these courses. Although related, each class can be taken by itself. RN339 is recommended to students of literature, history, and religion. RN336 is recommended for students of sociology, history, and religion. “The Jewish Political Tradition” is particularly recommended for students of political science, religion, and history.