Work With Student Scouts


  • Are you an industry scout, entrepreneur, disease foundation or investor in search of the next big thing but never have enough time to investigate every possible opportunity?
  • Are you looking for new technologies to fill gaps in your product roadmap?
  • Are you having trouble with information overload?
  • Are you looking for resources to help with your searches?

If so, then the ifx program is for you.

The ifx program was designed to match industry scouts with graduate student teams to perform analysis of a specified unmet need or problem statement.  Industry scouts can participate in the program by submitting a Problem Statement and agreeing to interact with the students throughout the course of the program.  The student teams will run through a mentored process including decomposing the problem statement, solution searching, and integration of search results into a set of possible solutions.  The team will have milestone deliverables throughout the process and conclude by presenting the industry scout with a set of possible solutions based on the scout’s criteria (e.g., time to market, technology maturity, costs, performance, etc.)

  1. Submit your Problem Statement
  2. Get matched with a cross disciplinary team of graduate students
  3. Student team performs analysis
  4. Student team presents a set of possible solutions based on your criteria