Past TECC Projects


MindLight developed a product for the early detection of autism and utilized HealthTECC to:

  • conduct primary research to evaluate factors surrounding market adoption from customer and consumer perspectives
  • Identify KOLs in personalized medicine reimbursement and conducted in depth primary research interviews
  • Qualify the current reimbursement landscape
  • Quantify the value-added, which was used for value-based pricing
  • Examine HIPAA issues the client would likely encounter due to the use of HIT.

“The HealthTECC group provides a remarkable professional forum in which to present early stage health technology business ideas, get thoughtful feedback and discuss options for moving forward. I was particularly impressed with the quality and breadth of the final market report that they prepared for my startup. They clearly spent time interviewing healthcare professionals and studying the market. For those considering involvement as a member of this group, I can’t think of a better way to learn the nuts and bolts of fleshing out a detailed business plan. For faculty or entrepreneurs with ideas that need “business smarts” to get started, this group is an outstanding ‘partner’ to help you get going.” William J. Bosl, PhD, CEO, MindLight



  • Identified KOLs at Academic and Community Hospitals Nationwide
  • Conducted in depth primary research interviews with specialists in Colon Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Glioblastoma and General Oncology
  • Identified KOLs in personalized medicine reimbursement and conducted in depth primary research interviews
  • Conducted secondary research through articles, conference publications and webpages to understand the current developments in the reimbursement landscape
  • Developed working financial models for 3 potential business models: Partnership, Kit and Service
  • Performed sensitivity analysis accounting for risk factors in each model
  • Assessed each business model based on resulting NPV of the opportunity.
  • Provided key recommendations for regulatory pathway, reimbursement strategy, therapeutic indication, market entry and potential partnership strategy

“The Health TECC group was instrumental in structuring a commercialization strategy for our early stage venture. The group was responsive to our requests and suggested additional approaches. They tackled everything from market and technology assessment and financial modeling, to primary research with key opinion leaders. As every new venture faces uncertainties, it was extremely beneficial to collaborate with such a talented and motivated group of young professionals.” Jeff Elton PhD, CEO, Predictus

Good Start Genetics



  • Analyzed different capital financing options for large equipment purchase for Good Start Genetics, a company providing next generation genetic screening service.
  • Developed lead contacts in key areas and analyzed the financial projections for all feasible options.
  • Provided recommendations that suited the business and cash flow needs of the client.
  • Delivered project under tight deadlines and received highly positive feedback from the executive team.
  • Impact
  • Discovered new financing opportunities and avenues that had not been considered by the company.
  • Equipped the client with detailed financing models to be presented in the executive meeting during the key decision-making process.



  • Conducted market research for Entra, a medical device company focusing on an innovative drug delivery technology.
  • Investigated four therapeutic areas and identified a go-to market strategy.
  • Implemented a comprehensive competitive analysis.
  • Identified four key competitors and provided an updated view of the company’s competitive landscape.
  • Impact
  • Offered recommendations that were validated, accepted and selected by the leadership team.
  • Enabled further product development strategy based on our recommendation.



  • Analyzed potential regulatory pathways for approval of a novel phage-based antimicrobial.
  • Compared regulatory pathways of similar products.
  • Identified requirements for approval.
  • Identified potential collaborators.

“Moving from being a part of the Start-Up Group to being on the other side as the ‘client’ really highlighted the enormous value that can come from having a team of smart and dedicated grad students tackle an amorphous problem. Being with a start-up means you’re strapped for cash or time, usually both. Having the Group listen, validate and mirror back your concerns in the initial meetings to baseline the project is hugely valuable to cut down repetitive cycles of re-alignment. The value they brought to my start-up was in analyzing the existing regulatory environment, and from there generating a framework that provided the necessary hook-in for us to take a deeper dive. They got us up to speed on regulatory language as well as crucial precedents, all in a short amount of time. The combination of business, engineering, scientific and medical expertise represented by the grad student members of the Group is at the core of what allows the Group to provide outstanding and timely help.” Michael Koeris, CEO, Novophage