When Should You Contact Us?

Disclose Early, Disclose Often!

It is never too early to discuss your ideas with us.

Our role is to help you develop both a strategy and a work plan to bring your ideas to market.  If the concept is early (e.g., at the formative stages of ideation), then our office can help you identify the key milestones in the commercialization path that may help shape your work.  If the concept is mature (e.g., reduced to practice and the killer application identified), then our office can help identify the best commercial collaborators in industry or from the entrepreneurial ecosystem and then help structure a formal relationship through IP licensing, sponsored research, or personal consulting.

The most important action is to connect you with experienced people that are knowledgeable about the relevant markets.  We do this through networking, mentoring, and market research.

If your idea requires patent protection then it is important to note that any public disclosure of your idea will limit the patent rights. Below are some suggested guidelines for you to consider when deciding when to interact with our office.

Invention Development Stage Timing of Submission of Disclosure
Innovation: what to do Good: 

Work with us to create a development strategy

Conception: how to do it Best
Reduction to Practice: make it work Very Good
Preparation of a Paper: describe it Good
Submission of a Paper or Abstract: Poor: 

More time is required to prepare a strategy and proper patent filing.

Immediately Prior to Public Disclosure Poor: 

Very difficult to prepare a strategy and write a strong patent on short notice

Post-Publication or Disclosure Very Poor:
foreign patent rights lost

To get the process started click on the Submit an Idea link and enter a title and abstract so that we can assign the idea to the proper person in our office.