Fact:  Most leads/commercial interest in a university-based invention result from the inventor’s activity!

That’s right – your publications, posters, podium talks, conference attendance, consulting work and networking generate the most interest from commercial parties.  It makes sense – you are an expert in your field and your network of past graduate students, academic colleagues and industry connections are very influential in the process of marketing your invention.

Our goal is to increase your reach by extending your network.  This is captured in the first part of our motto – “Maximize Collisions” – which means; connect you to as many relevant people in the market as possible.  We do this in the following way:

First – develop a strategy for commercializing your idea.  The primary paths to market are either through a start-up company or licensing to an existing company.  A proper strategy will help determine the correct path but also describe the steps necessary to successfully commercialize.  This is a critical step because it helps us determine the best type of people to add to your network.

Second – we work with you on a targeted marketing plan. This usually includes a list of specific companies, entrepreneurs, investors, foundations or other parties that can be helpful in executing your strategy.  To communicate your ideas, we work with you to produce a one-page marketing flyer and a short slide deck that conveys the business value-proposition.  In some cases, we extend beyond the targeted list and try to drive interest by participating in technology conferences or industry conferences that are specific to your field.

If you are committed to commercializing your idea, then we strongly encouraged you to get more involved with the relevant industry.  This should include attending and presenting at conferences that are industry-centric and beyond your normal academic conferences, publishing in industry journals, consulting, or taking board seats on start-up companies.  All of these activities will help extend your network and identify key people that can help drive your ideas forward.

If this is new to you – no problem. Our office is here to help you get connected to the marketplace and move your ideas forward.